I wanna forget

Absynthe Minded


video written & directed by Lucas Racasse
HD | 3'10 — 2007

official video produced by Moyens du Bord

with Alessandra Coppola, Tracee Westmoreland,

Palle Dyrvall, Kristof Coenen, Domenico Giustino

& Absynthe minded.

assistant productor: Valerie Rose
director of photography: Bernard Vervoort
stage manager: Stephane Thibaut

crane: Olivier Moens

computer operator: Alessandro Maretti
make-up: Murielle d’Odemont

costume band: Veronique Branquinho

catering: France Vigouroux

making of filmed by Igor Paszkiewicz
filmed at «Le bois des corbeaux» (Belgium)

© music: J.Nachtergaele/J.Duthoy/R.Ghilbert/B.Ostyn/S.Van Bouwel /

Universal Music 2006

© Mdb 2007