Leaves of grass

Bud Blumenthal | Hybrid Cie

video created & directed by Lucas Racasse

written with Bud Blumenthal & Vincent Paesman
films projected on a sphere Ø2m — 2017

video production by Moyens du Bord


Hybrid Cie

choregraphy: Bud Blumenthal
with Anne-Cécile Chane-Tune, Anne-Laure Dogot, Riina Huhtanen, Alex Kyriakoulis, Matevz Dobaj, Chris Harrison-Kerr & Bud Blumenthal
Sound device, programming of special sound effects in real time, composition: Fred-b
Development of interactive systems and visual effects in real time: Vincent Paesman
Light:Frédéric Nicaise

© 2016 MdB / Hybrid cie