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We are everything

SilverRat Band

photo-montage & digital painting

cover of the LP "We are everything"

50 x 45 cm — 2020

Adrien Sezuba Rukira: lead vocal, lyrics, composition
Géraldine Cozier: vocals, composition
Véronique Delmelle: sopranino sax, vocals
Clément Dechambre: tenor sax, vocals, composition
Véronique Laurent: euphonium, vocals
Michel Debrulle: drums, vocals

Arrangement by SilverRat Band
Recorded & mixed by Christine Verschorren 

Extract from the SilverRat Band album "We are everything" 

© music A. Sezuba Rukira / G. Cozier / C. Dechambre
© 2020  Moyens du Bord productions / Collectif du Lion

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